Monday, July 20, 2015

John Pursch: Three Poems

Timestamp Gulls

Outlying lobots
tend to grapevine miscegeny
by the charitable dock load,
trucking spiked ruminants
to faraway glands of swollen mice pellets,
geranium stew, and contender presence pink

(the shadow of timestamp gulls flitting carelessly
across the nerdly moon of bespectacled quadrant lovers,
pent in foppish daguerreotypes of an urban cinder).

Narrow grounds for chemical cetacean curfew
spread by hoof-in-southern-belle disease,
known to all but the moist demented locals as
Harriet O’ Hattery’s Peninsular Fall-Off Scum Petition,
traveling daintily in wickered
faucet shoestring piano nuts
and grassy cantankerous stolen yachtsmen,
smoking porn box pipes
of papoose cream hand commotion
and sunrise separation gangs
in gentrified cooling plover.

Off to island mosquito pits,
Hairy Ogbert Sno-Wrangler the Quizzical
spells out his itinerant beggar’s
sumptuously held tracheotomy posture
for the sixtieth and penultimate timer’s pistol,
licking thumbed collapsing cap,
cowering in grapeshot fear
of crassly compelled low-res femurs
in crab leg shootout stance,
pressed to nomenclature synchrony
by staid connubial court martials
in pending ditch incinerator breath.

Oui Below Sedated

“Eye donut declaration
oven independent milk slaker,
wagging perceptive ergonomic fairy gals
at soothing lunch meat prestidigitation myths,
spoiled expertly by spurting sawfish authorship
on sale for calving bunny-benching sandy-legged
phylum fleece of thawed cranapple pardons,”

the Pincher prompted all prospective
promulgators of Puce Pentameter Persephone,
crowned from burpee-mounting jamborees
to Seagull Shouts to Oui Below Sedated
Club Spout clan

(shameful blot weed out pageantry
or stumped sidereal clown cake
or toes in Sad Reactive steamboat
shrinkage codfish measurements,
flapping almost underwear
in longitudinal duress mache).

Bucking chaff, Swannie Hiver
of Municipal Organismic Metronomes
can queerly feel a freely felled clean-cut furor
of spreading clear across
Huffer Mange Hat-in-Hand,
quashing pedicure pugs in boldly liquid
boarding louse extremities
of neonatal covert titration itch,
wrenching right shoulders outa
highway guardian socket decrees,
espying chrome in catheters
of poorly found hitmen
on rickety skyline carburetor
hemophiliac reminder kits,
rigged patiently by hourly noose mechanics
on furloughed oast impellor kicks.

In Contrail Madhatter

“Downright rural, 
hefty halved myopian Indian,” 
Generic Jalopy Ump Petro Dog 
the Greasy Garbonzo Galoot 
gadded from gazebo showers 
in Contrail Madhatter, 
kumquat sneering ad handy parkas 
wad mired bee lining torn icy pockets 
with seedy shakeout cruisers, 
cod falling from shaven ossified ramp 
toupees of swarthy mayoral scan rebates.

“Snow oui broth deter
yer highball solder humps
sartorial quoth imperiled
C-note harpy news
and crawling trillion
sands of timed events
in rib cage delicatessen meet,
flung characteristically
in spherical omnidirectional
repulsion tack sneeze,
pretending to blow naturally
from steeper summer kid quarters,
pocketing a runny lozenge,”

the Blind Standard Parrier
of Shorty Fecund Screed
tossed office alibis in festive
distaff monococcus greed,
flocking within to cellular pleasure
squeaks of noted aimless prosperity

(lung sins gore fodder,
ten to a dozing bullpen marigold).

He calmly rearranged
his onboard pock snow,
rupturing a million sparrows
in frugivorous phalanx compunction,
smugly implying golf hyenas
on parasitic oil man paperwork.

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