Friday, July 24, 2015

Texas Fontanella: Three Poems

About a Year Ago I Got My New MacBook Air


The Evolution of Everyday Life

hale, its coming crisis was apprehended only
willing slaves for long if they are not
fice, a permanent humilia
tion of his people imposes on him. The price
ing anything save the false promise
of stereo. Taken over body and cons
ately released from their obligation
of the ladder, power is partial
blindly satisified with repro
nomic, lay forms & repur
stence, the domination de
ture industry, in fact imp
inuity or rather institu
tional specifica - irat
ional despite all its rat

(and how?) the mythic and poeti
cal presence and meditation o
fragmented refusal lays the ground
ivity is conspicuous, and
aesthetic self — can resist co-optation.

ously, is killing you?

this flood of light was
s by a hostile nature permea
ble of the third force —
                        Gauging the im
pact of every insult,
is false language,
is to carry out survival’s self
istical principle of represent
avioural unity; in this endeav
our words can no longer decently cover


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