Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Carey Scott Wilkerson: A Poem

Forensic Cycloid
After Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Book VIII

Falls then a clown into
his own disputed account

as who among those plummeting
will have seen in oceans

                        or is held to some proof
                        and is a marking a numeric is

                        plane in partitions a translation
                        top to indicative bottom

putative asymptotes driven
reflexively, un-mappably down

through appositives of ritual clôtures
calumnies of vertiginous descent

                        speaking as drifts plainly
                        to opening as encircles
                        recast as none as spirals
                        out probable names and binds
if for whatever will finally
trace the knot is an excluded middle

of speculative bird motifs
pinions in rhetorical imposture

                        given as are outlines looping
                        a causal body a premise a vector

                        outward plurals and convections
                        if a duplicaction a precipitious end

so too are known coordinates
to spill from rubric containments

their imputed and lurid geometries
parabolically, indecorously up

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