Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2 Poems by Kahlia Nicole Vaillancourt

Radiation of a Veil of Sadness 

Radiation from a veil of sadness

Vengeful radiation of a country stove

A million detuned clocks each thinking their time is the right time

Carpet perfect except for the grape juice stain in the                      
living room corner inflicting wounds from some forgotten incident

Walls with a bravery few can imagine

Lights too bright for anyone to see
a keyhole with no logical key to call its own

Yet another child wishing she had wings artistically draws on
her lips with her mother’s best lipstick

She won’t be mad though….

A withered plant lonesomely dying in the parlor    
cookies uneaten in the cookie jar
icicle soled shoes tread the tile floor

Hung on all these figurines  
a veil of sadness

Ruby Colored Poem  
Petunias pour pain from their vacant mouths

An endless stream of untrue unfelt unavailing wails

some vain attempt to heal their fractured veins

Broken souls lonsomely drowning in a sky of ruby colored poems

Crying eternally

Their tears continue to kill

Still the blood cascades their empty petals

No diamond fabled tourniquet to stop it no sugar coated spoons to ease

the wrongs

They are left to bleed so let them bleed

Until their wounded fingers flee

They don’t know how to hold the world that has somehow grown too big

to carry

The world that has forgotten them

Leaving only golden ashes 

to drag them deeper down

Kahlia Nicole Vaillancourt is a full time nurse, student, and writer residing in the fabulous city of Las Vegas. She studied briefly at Oberlin College before eventually pursuing a nursing career. While her patients provide an endless supply of inspiration, she has recently decided to make another life change and is now working towards a degree in Library Science, as she has enjoyed a lifetime love affair with all things literary. Uniquely charming in her awkward way, Ms. Vaillancourt is also fond of music, coffee, animals, and the oddities in life. She shares her humble abode with her husband, young daughter, and their two fur babies. She still calls Detroit her home.

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