Thursday, November 1, 2012

Truck in November

Thank you Halvard and hi all: here's my, er, editorial statement of sorts, i would like to give u all some clues as to what are my plans for this month's Truck

November, here in the Low Countries, is nature-wise perhaps the most dreary month, lot's of rain, darkness and cold. Therefore i have urged my local colleagues practicing some form of creativity to send me lot's of beauty, works of any kind so i can post them here to counter the sadness out there. We'll see what we can get that way, there's already some response by probably our foremost mail artists Luc Fierens.

Next i would like to make an international call for works here, and because i am currently working on a larger project, this would be a thematic call. I propose the theme of  'State of Exception' as understood  and spun out over his influential 'Homo sacer' series of books by the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben. All posts made here under that theme will be used later in a p.o.d edition of  'SETT: State of Exception Texts & Things', because i will be taking this project further during and after november

Later this week i will be posting a introductory summary of the theme as i could grasp it from my (ongoing) reading of Agamben's books. For now i would just like to say that i am fully aware that it is not easy to use a philosophically developed concept like Agamben's for creative purposes and that the concept is outspokenly political and could lead to works of a rather radical/controversial/unsettling nature. So perhaps we're in for a rough ride, or we could even get stuck in our own mud two miles out, but hey we're driving a darn truck here, not some two bit lorry van.

So anyone reading this who would like to contribute something to our 'State of Exception Truckload' please send your works (textual, visual or auditory) to and i will post them here using any specifications you might include in your mail. I'm trusting that the usual network process of establishing a 'natural' gate will make it unneeded for me to take any editorial interventions in what you may send me, so everything will be posted 'as is'.If your files are over 5mb, please use dropbox are some other file transfer service.

Before preparing the p.o.d. edition of SETT (that will be about fall 2013), i will be writing you back to grant me permission to include your works in the edition. That edition will be sold at the price of printing, so there won't be any profit for anyone, except the p.o.d. service, of course.

Please do not hesitate to spread this post to whom you see fit, do let the engines roar wildly before we set off into the deep of night.


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