Wednesday, November 21, 2012

dv - a journey through binkom

"I thought it was better for the night in two wachtbeurten to divide, so that not too many fragmented sleep would be. I listened again to the speaker that persecuted … also the rise of the power of a confusing muizenleger, that close to each other in a single clutch earth over an area of 400 square kilometers to marvelous if our city, is arrested by our vuurtroepen with flame throwers and specially-equipped helicopters. In the twenty creek we thought the Windvis. Meanwhile they pinch the knees against each other, and fuss after they are just as wonderful host again, the hand against her sex. In the course of the evening grew up not only the number of items on the list, but we realized soon that there was no point to save in small stocks. I mean of comprehensiveness of understanding,…I know, but I have never seen. I have ambitious competition run with all animals. I myself with my own words little confidence. I said: the task from the past to build the present again, is out of date. I glance back, past Apollonia asking me with a smile. I would remind you with a wide arc how far we can see."

(google translated sentences starting with an 'i' from ' Reizigers in de Anti-tijd' by Flemish author Hugo Raes whose writing was quite popular in past century's  seventies)

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