Sunday, November 25, 2012

Philip Meersman (B) (4/5) - 15. Resurrection

15. Resurrection

Where the hell did this bloody migraine come from?
I only took one sip
that acid, that man called wine
I would rather have been waterboarded than this

My hands are aching to start all over again
but did I spend it all?
all my credit
I never did anything out of the blue
my mother said, to get things done
and as I am only the image of my time
I wasn’t trained to be anything else

My feet are killing me
I want to stand up
searching the switch
or did we become all cavemen again
killing each other in the quest for fire?

Remember, as I walk away
the path will be long and lonesome
as I felt myself alone at that hour
although an immense pride buoyed me up,
and as proud beacon
I’ll gaze from new heights
at your insignificance

Search and thou shall not find
Preach and thou shall not hear
Believe and thou shall not be

Philip Meersman  

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