Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Alan Sondheim (US) - states of crisis and exception


11      grep -h exception texts/*.txt > zz
12      wc zz
13      pico zz
14      sort zz > yy; tr -d ^M < yy > zz; uniq zz > yy; wc yy;
15      pico yy
16      tr A-Z a-z < yy  > zz; pico zz
17      mv zz ww
18      grep -h crisis texts/*.txt > zz
19      wc zz
20      sort zz > yy
21      tr -d ^M < yy > zz; tr A-Z a-z < zz > yy; pico yy
22      uniq yy > zz; pico zz
23      pico zz
24      cp zz ww; rm yy; m


states of crisis and exception

economic crisis there 'real' crisis belief shelled masquerade grief negativity gone mad bata baka moshi-moshi wa moshi-moshi daimyo ee! malice-technocrisis naka- consider crisis capital in the midst of all of this. he thought that the crisis of capital had something to do with death, i have failed to overcome an identity crisis always gnawing literacy will be on the decline. there will be a world-wide energy crisis. so on one hand the economic crisis and capital which is doubly illusory - so the crisis of philosophy might be this: that there is nothing to be strauss leads to karl kraus, by virtue of politics and the crisis of table table we've inherited the crisis of representation, of the twenty- the inspired commencement to the years of crisis through a strange mysti- the poet and romance writer to the interior crisis through the critique the young aristocrat through the sentimental crisis through the diplomat what do i have to do, have a crisis before anyone listens to me? i'm 30 addresses are getting used up; there's a crisis of position on the and thought in the world" - implies a crisis for our time as belief both and gentle ... capstone crisis (dante)knight hall mag auch die spiegelung ation and tracking-rates. almost no one present for crisis compensation, barrows of the crisis. wandering through the firmament, names censorship crisis, and there are signs that commercial servers are characterize the crisis of capital itself, the headlong rush into an commission, i seem to live from crisis to crisis, should not be down here consider crisis capital in the midst of all of this. overpopulation cost. there is no 'real' crisis of belief - but shelled belief, the coupled with a second a few days ago and coupled further with a crisis current crisis and its roots. read the texts of your enemy as well. enemy. much knowledgeable. current enemy roots. crisis enemy texts well.  enough money to ride the financial crisis for a little bit. - environmental crisis. the smaller generalist flora and fauna will begin to expandede! so-desu-ne subaru daimyo of hai! technocrisise! hai! ee!hai! first century from the crisischair of representation of the twentieth, for being out of commission, i seem to live from crisis to crisis, should governance by crisis? tension augments recursive communications hypertext take over from command-lines. on the internet, a crisis in immiserated world of pervasive and real crisis, which should be causing all of in the highlands, badlands west of crisis, there are still words in times of crisis inequality. crisis capital. requires independent silicon valley companies leverage as a way of transforming crisis. when the nominal becomes real, more this possibility than the crisis of identity which never resolves my identity, to the crisis of identity. gaming and messaging dominate; nikukore used up says oncrisis one a iup not at all, yerkes nearer to the crisis, its eastern wall nothingness. we're told we have a crisis of social security at the same now i hide a global crisis of catastrophe - liquidity of permanent crisis - and its relation to or finding our way near mare crisium, the sea of crisis of speech other kind?). the result is the oil crisis and the mess in this gluttonous planet: the bookstore features books about the crisis, and the rate in. i wanna informal economy rate out. give me systemic crisis. i stiffereith function searchglobal crisis n byzantium. substitutions, stiffereith mathematical function searchglobal crisis n byzantium. agrep structured, violent, at all cost. there 'real' crisis belief but shelled term crisis of denationalizing, which began with the breakup of the texts until sickness sets in; working the computer during a crisis, i the crisis at pmc. that said, i wonder how it is possible to investigate through the public man to the political crisis through the vanquished to moral crisis to historian through 1893 volatility in exchange can rapidly descend into currency crisis. when the wanna live systemic crisis.:i wanna energy. i wanna move adr fast. i wanna wanna market correlation bigtime systemic crisis wonder dance is in a crisis, splitting into ballet on one hand, obscenity

|  |              |  |              test_exceptions
|  |              |  |          exceptionclasses.html
|  |              |  |          exceptions.html
|  |              |  |      |  test_exceptions.py
|  |              |  |  |      exceptionhandling.html
|  |              |  |  |      exceptions.html
|  |              |  |  |      module-exceptions.html
|  |              |  |  |  exceptions.py
|  |      |  |              test_exceptions
|  |      |  |          exceptionclasses.html
|  |      |  |          exceptions.html
|  |      |  |      |  test_exceptions.py
|  |      |  |  |      exceptionhandling.html
|  |      |  |  |      exceptions.html
|  |      |  |  |      module-exceptions.html
|  |      |  |  |  exceptions.py
|  |      crisisgirlboy.avi
|  |      crisisgirlboy.mov
|  |      crisisgirlboy.mp4
|  |      crisisgirlboyl.mov
|  |  crisisgirlboy.avi
|  |  crisisgirlboyl.mov
?      crisisgirlboy.avi
?  ?      crisisgirlboy.mov
?  ?      crisisgirlboyl.mov
?  ?  crisisgirlboy.mp4

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Alan Sondheim is a Brooklyn-based new media artist, musician, writer,
and performer. He's concerned with issues of virtuality, and the stake
that the real world has in the virtual. He has worked with his partner,
Azure Carter, the performer/choreographer Foofwa d'Imobilite, and the
augmented reality artist Mark Skwarek.

Sondheim is interesting in examining the grounds of the virtual, the way
that the virtual inhabits the real body. He performs in virtual, real, and
cross-over worlds; his virtual work is known for its highly complex and
mobile architectures. He has used altered motion-capture technology
extensively for examining and creating new lexicons of behavior.

Useful URLs -
webpage http://www.alansondheim.org (directory)
music archive: http://www.espdisk.com/alansondheim/ (directory)
email archive http://sondheim.rupamsunyata.org/

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