Sunday, February 22, 2015

Orchid Tierney

Haret el Wasser

after Te Whiti
           & Tohu
were taken away
the people 
          remained sitting 
on the marae

I was called 
           by a woman 
      at no. 9 
she had 
        4 soldiers there
the first time
        we were paid
the second time
      they refused
      they left the house 
      the woman 
      banged the door
      & she swore

soldiers entered
            my quarter 
I saw furniture 
threw her 
out of the window

forced removals 
            began 2 days later
men were removed
their houses 
torn down
     women were raped
     & molested
it was just 
like drafting sheep


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Zealandia boasts

1 million yrs ago 
God save the Queen!

           our king 
           13 years 
to send      the flag 
           of Britainnia 
     we are 
     lest      some other 
     should take 
     of our island

but why doesn’t    noo zilind
take    the whole bloomin lot!

the island 
      without fruit 
the rock 
& could not 
            be raised
it is thus 
      with things 
done wrongly 
            at the present day!

yet 1100 yrs ago
     Niuē has yielded 
almost no return— 
20 members 
     of Parliament 
for a country 
of 600 
      —an abuse  
           & responsibility
there is no realistic 
possibility of Niuē
becoming a self-
sustaining economy 

all hail Zealandia!

we blunder 
            into Empire
& somehence 
1 trillion yrs 
1,256 Niueans convicted
bones unchanged by moss
          rid the land 
of the tyrant
he who growls at 
prisoners & warders
who growls at Tatu 
     to fix up
the golf holes 
           in Foniakula

but Noo Zilind 
       will help Niuē 
her private sector
will grow as large 
      as possible 
the climate is excellent
& retirees bring 
a steady flow
     a retirement 
village operator 
is a good
place to start


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Orchid Tierney is a New Zealander living in Philadelphia where she attends the University of Pennsylvania. She is an enthusiast of antique furniture. 

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