Monday, February 2, 2015

Leanne Bridgewater



do they ever have guys like you who come together, have a drink and leave by two?
is there ever a moment, some form of tragic repulsion where a pirate leaves the ocean for the state of it is nothing treasured?
and do you ever part local time with over seas - are there ever times the two cross, when the times are the same?
we can sit compassionately, talk, drink, twiddle our thumbs and let our passion deadify, rewind into a lost revolution
but with repulsion, one asked - was there ever revolution?
 - did you see it come, and did you see it leave?



The erotic-tock-tap-toe Exotica, left glass slipper; 
Not right, no. left Wise old wicca boat down huff, 
Puff a float see weary man. His hand slithers 
Pulsating and skin open to every little Feeling, until we are met 
In an unknown world where it’s yet 
To be created. 
We don’t know anything 
There are barriers but things are done 
Through the clothes. You see these rags Are feeding peoples pleasures.
Off a top of a rock on an ocean in the moss bed



the vernacular nerks a grey skin charder broken in the days old youth who brushes to beg for a prisoner heard for pregnancy, get a low be he bellow that oral noise mutt shuttering from awakened house, cottoned cand' in crowded house: dead bodies everywhere 

in Y shapes, we CTRL & COMMAND: “Move on slowly, I can...”

One time I created a conspiracy where the world was an upside down cake. The sky was water where the fishes lived and the sea the sky where the birds lived. I think it's important to keep with imagination - don't let that light blow out.

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