Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Maja Jantar


how much we are marked by words uttered by others
they imprint themselves on our skin and instead of being shed grow in-words, deeper and deeper closer - pretending to be ours

schuimende spiegel oceaan, pollutie van de vulkaan filtert zonlicht tot melk - klank van golven, piep van een metalen object dat poogt te draaien - stilte in de ruis. 

druk achter m'n ogen, licht branden aan de aanzet van m'n keel, jeuk aan de rechter zijkant van de linker hiel, geluiden uit de keuken, golven, golven, golven
niet alleen 

naamachine met oordopjes kabel rond de spoel gedraaid, oranje klos en rode klos op kloshouder, witte verfspatjes naast de theekop, gebarsten schuimen boei, lader van tandenborstel en blauw nachtlampje op vensterbank.

sound of water from the front and from the left side, echoing, bouncing of the walls, seagull seemingly floating in the window frame, verdwijn-t,  komt terug, slides into the picture.

the bear in the moon
drizzle on hot skin – méduse sur caillous noirs – clouds caressing the mountains – hills velvety eyed, green gentle stroke, soft curvy veloptous, enrobés – disrobed – tuesday
red owl raven koppel – partners 

little balls of red yarn, rode wol in een triangulair schaaltje, twee paar oorringen, eine leere Tasse Kaffee, laires Wasserglass, a fine drill on it's charger,  telephone, old singer machine, heater warming the lower part of my legs, blowing hot wind, tiny red boat on the ocean – twee duikers, memory of medusa washing up on the shore, gestrand, zwarte kiezels, op rode wol,  

leaden waves come to shore, red wool in triangular bowl, amandels naast een kopje pomplemousse thee, een ring met peridoot, een amandel op de rand van de houten tafel, geen amandel op de rand van de houten tafel
landslag – landslag – landslag

tired, gevoel van naar beneden zakken, mal derière la nuque, donker, kaars is uitgegaan, small cup that used to contain red wine, empty now, big cup that contained water, empty now, cell phone, copper earrings in shapes of runes next to red half felted wool, earplugs on the sowing machine, old industrial singer, grijsgroen, with a metallic sheen, untying a mental knot, three flies on a black cast iron teapot waarvan twee aan het copuleren zijn, copulating. oranje nylon draad op de spoel, dunkel drausen, Kerzen auf dem Fensterbret – ausgebrennt, fingers getting cold, feeling my sitting bone and bladder, pressing against the jeans.


To dispel common cold - stop bleeding - foretell future 

Pick 5 sprigs of yarrow (achillea millefolium -  vallhumall) in the fields.
Tare of the leaves. Steep 8 leaves in hot water to help cure the flue, this will help you sweat it out.
If you have a cut, take a yarrow leaf rub it between your fingers to bring out the juices and rub this on the wound – this will stop the bleeding and facilitate healing
Use the 5 yarrow stalks for divination:
Hold them lightly in your left hand – concentrate on your question and cast them on the floor or a table. Look closely at the shapes they make and see if you can recognise rune shapes in them – if you can focus on the one that attracts you most – look it up – that is your answer


rock – stem – sharp – stoom – steam – water – vatn - 

sharp brittle grey
scented mossy grrr
purrrr cracked filled steamy sounded
hide nightly fall lightened woodlingd sleep rock bound breath fogged

                                                             language of rock 

les processus du corps 
worlds unfurning inside 

                                                                   diluted white 

how long is the story?
5 days wide and 3 nights deep

zon getik en een deur, krakelingen want koffie is lopende, neus ende spieren van de nek tiny tensed like rabbits on an early morning, bicycles and the sound of a washing machine rumbling, people passing by and munched on muffins and empty coffee cups that served for yoghurt, wasco's en een tomaat op een tupperware box with brown sugar
and endlessness lots of it always changing

they come look take a picture
stare into the wideness a bit longer then move on
salt on the table
and crumpled paper
somebody left tobacco crumbs all over the corner
happy people
stressed people
tired people
grateful people
curious people
demanding people
people in cars
people in jeeps
people in buses, bicycles motorcycles
hiking people
all pass the same rocks different every moment with light and moss and time growing here
time grows here abundantly
always fresh with it's purple flowers and tiny red leaves when the soil is too poor

empty glasess with coffee foam, a girl that is afraid to speak english, cables and left overs of three days old desert, still a tomato on a tupperware box with brown sugar, bottle of softdrinks packed in plastic, a card board box with more bottles, the smell of beer spilled on the floor, paper, white unwritten, a car parked with view
voices footsteps and the sound of the washing machine turning eternally, taste of coffee, sugar by numbers, smelling coffee on my lips, irritation for not finding a solution to the effect,
red candles and a fake rock,
a boy with two boxes containing pies,
sense of rush, sense of agitation, big truck and my king walking by,
breathing through my back, cracking noise,
cold draft from the open window

6 ravens without feet
they all were brothers
for their wings were black
and their call was sharp and filled with wind
their sister was fish
their uncle fox
and they knew who they were 
as they dipped their wings in waterfalls

6 ravens without feet
they were all sisters
for their wings were black 
and their call was sharp and filled with wind
their brother was fish
their uncle fox
and they knew who they were 
as they dipped their wings in waterfalls

the fox had tea with crunchy biscuits when arriving at the lake
one crumb fell into the water and moss covered it and trees started to grow on it and as the moss sung a lullaby, it sung it's lullaby softly, and the waves curled like foxtail’s in hot sand all smooth and ripple free
and fish laid their eggs in the seaweed that surrounded the moss and they knew all was well  and swam off to shore as the fog rose from the water

night fell in day
-woodlings risen from sleep-
and the fox shed it's white coat 
golden coat of nine tales 
hearing all after a thousand years,
speaking of feathers, collars, pieces, rings, names for milk, plants and more

gon gon, kon kon, kon gon gon kon gon, gon kon kon kon on gon gon gon, ko on go go go vulpes vulpes, gon gon gon gon gon, kon vul kon on gon gon kon pes kon kon gon gon gon kon on go go go go go vul kon pes vulpes vulpes es vulpes vulpes es vulpes vulpes on es gon es on gon gon on

Maja Jantar is resin washed up on the shore, a brief reflection, a texture of white, a vibration, an inhale.

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