Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lars Palm: (bus notes 11:ix:13)

(bus notes 11:ix:13)

departure berlin zentrale omnibus
bahnhof in kaiserdamm
            portrait of angela merkel
empress for germany
licence plate ”bar go”
            winding our way out of the greater
berlin area onto the autobahn
heading toward rostock
passing a truck from somewhere in former
yugoslavia ”natural beheadings of hens
& other beasts” on the trailer
almost at a standstill due to another
            roadwork (the second
in a few short miles)
southbound truck ”we know the way” to
the next ausfahrt (or beyond?)
oh dear deer you should have
            kept to the field
most petrol stations we pass
            are called total
spotted 20th animal transport heading south
passing a creek called dosse
10 minute break for a smoke or other
            needs at eldetal
a handful of very fully grown men
almost have time to
            get into a proper fight
back on the road
lion king going south
& the bridge across
peterdorfer see is not
currently in
            mint condition
pretty graffiti on a short wall
in the outskirts of a hamlet
some 70 kilometres
            south of rostock
hours later in falster political/existential
graffiti ”shit does not only
             come out of
             your arse”
some kind of traffic jam
arrival copenhagen central station
& after some confusion
departure copenhagen to malmö
via the locally famous bridge which
            he whispers
cost at least a dozen construction
workers their lives
arrival malmö södervärn

Lars Palm lives with his lovely wife, currently near the end of that bus ride. his 4th book, means, will be out from The Knives Forks & Spoons Press any day now

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