Friday, December 14, 2012

Vernon Frazer

Discounted Measures

pentatonic rerun capture
synecdoche returned by hand

a rattling pulse prefigured
along the snaking grass

foam saps melody’s breaking incursion


feldspar oratorio blockage
ampersand reviews a peak disdain
accorded the third inversion

sofa plugs taper
their excursion into carnage
before wind chimes

fossil the tapered a cappella twofer


clinging rapture surrogates
await the real vicarious fling
split filing duties on the blade

as emoticon tabular sealant
clogs expressing past codes

the music continues a secret of silence

What Was There When There Was

a casually cure-all bandana fixation
branding no cultural fritters allowed
needs coral deportment proceedings
to strike up a mannered stiletto band
posturing brambled doubloon regrets
molded blue as a stochastic holding
the golden gamblers bet the oddly
discursive fundaments a revelation
for the house indulging the scored
privilege tanking under loose gesture
intended to refute button smashers
where their velcro lives fix the most
pandering attachments to suitcase
vouchers underscored the data mix
when solarium tenets decried vulgar
focaccia enclaves kneading help
rising from a context void of tomato
clearance receptors or roster checks
encumbered pestilence retractions
center on remedial clairvoyance sales
folded away from voyeur-toned flesh
inhabitants marked for regurgitation
spill crying milk across tabloid crowns
while stationary mixtures purified all
tablet scars molded around billiard
scraps labeled eight-ball modem
fries encapsulated dowager bars
in fat vacuums packed for breathing
captive intention gasses outwardly
consumed with traction pits enacting
bitter resumes achieving impact
of vapor premises an under-reaction
stapled to vests short on tact or rayon
or fact imposed on ritual fur packs
ripening millennium harvest implants
before the best promises break back
porcelain reaction follies at a cubicle
onslaught left to mark its own deletion
cresting against halcyon breast bouquets
as a managed entry-level position slants
vertebrae four-fold across plier heads
open-jawed for inanimate nutrition fests
or a slackened buttress fortune waived
goodbye to all that matter of factoid
presence as an absence gone missing


Fixing the Future

tuna feathers tabloid terror fixtures
portico remix adagios velvet in cruising
for servant angles occlusion appeal
outlets venture vain weather pundits
dealing the low sharks to card hands
encumbered numeric impudence
clicking back flashes of futures dashed
on the rocks where lemon aides crawl
dashboard vengeance ploys laid out
pontoon levels for thatchers on strike
whether or not the tune fit the pulse
like a leather condom ratchet attuned
to whether the repealed protrusion
deafens the heartfelt carrier nodules
hair bent across the wool tampers
when glory modes inundated massage
parlors higher payment than discourse
allowed tattoo plungers to follow past
florescence among dying metaphors
the cross-breeze validates with semen
paring incandescent rotor shifts bared
to primal bracket thirst climbing a stool
swollen against a pollen lost to danger
a mixture of minutia and mendacity
bent to past intentions and lost denial
a capillary spread finagled sunsets
beyond the shadow of a debtors farm
indentured serpents writhing the fields
of the gored beyond a purple statuesque
insinuation of growing boredom plants
broom gardens in looming swath patterns
breezing willow breaths across the lawn
to a yawning stationery portal wheezing
long-gone reprobates in their last days
riding the night till the horse’s end stilled
the wind their heels turning to spurn
the demanding threat to monstrosity
before its next occurrence spurned them
radial enclosures to a diametric curve
turning contradictory patchwork miracles
on shredded enmity burgers left unloaved
as bred through enigmatic cost deferments
the cordoned force shoved to threaten
eclipsing farcical calypso lamentations
along the forward shore that indented
wither fabric bringing the rack to a chill
implicating climate grain’s intemperate silo
begging to drain the latitude from starch
embryos histrionic with tabular keels hauled
a matching dealer past the gathered pelts
the gabardine social call waivers accrued
matching envy for dollar-whistle sand bars
cragging isotope ingrates toward figurine
displays belching numismatic replays
where gender buttons finesse the bagel
cost applied to red shard envy banners
attributable to forest rations left unseen
where the crew stationed new storage
brigades marching toward the future
every forward step landing in its place

Passing Words

entropic declensions
hirsute as corporeal tonguing

repeat the shredded past
a clangorous fuselage kissing
shade’s meek disturbance

towers head south
toward open gavel country
spreading ablatives

to pattern a passive descent


trail fury
seeks grotto assemblies

for tantrum spoon regatta

grasping at claws


recalling the cold-fire haze
percussion datives mixed rebukes
under a hair-cloth banner

climbing strands
eyeball detention camp singalongs

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