Monday, December 24, 2012

Anthony Donovan

I am unable to end messages / I am you dragging halo ... just more dandruff of the orator / (for instance triste of tag, id solar id solar id solar) / Or else, forms of essentialism as knowing, or absolution as end-result, or will as process / (See how they run) / That is: ergo anon implies direction, or else, or at least, or in toto, the Blind Networks of some Bach Utensil 911 / Do not necessitate me / I understood my conduct was in question; yet you said little in person / It may never reach a viewing, I know, but may we induce something soon? / My ideas pull upon your chain, as you said previously / I share something like the same concept; but I am concerned only with grey exception / The past applies all over me / I am no context / I am no solving-system / My implements are embedded, but within schism / I cannot list acquisitions, nor can I softly combine same for your warm agency / My efforts provide citations and mimic the scene of models automated to some befallen-box / on / and on /

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