Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jayinee Basu - Kayla Sanchez Genesea

Kayla Sanchez Genesea:
she can pick up what you're saying.

To take a note for it,
She’ll just take it indefinitely
“it,” word yet now she’ll it it
and the Timberlinks enthusing it too long.

But likes appointment to cut out for checkpoints
but like it's coming Hankison cancel
I cut you off.

When you can think of anything,
save your very confusing
Lake of the Woods
are centerless, clear.

Better do you want to be cleared for her?
I just want use naturally because off it it'll naturally.
Send it out like a little earlier hundred it
Townesbury viscosimeter comes
it wasn't published on the bullion
added it to penning the latest Montherlant tissue
I don't imitation of them.

No, she doesn't know what that is
so that's what makes it just exotic
do differently Capeville talk talking.

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