Friday, September 11, 2015

On Poetry Reading Haptics - Part 3

CA Concread reading at Nonsite (San Francisco), 9.12.2009
  • Goes without saying, some poets are terrific performers. The voices fill the stage to flood and make articulate an intensity with words that rivets an audience. It's as if the poet had been flat dead on the ground, or feared for us all as such. The voice in all of its diverse physical and rhythmic force is a wake up call. Enemies will be conquered, oppressors will be turned around, we the audience will fly and drink at the mountain. The audience is transformed. The voice is an alchemical channel. Well made language, well performed is our friend. With some poets, the ones here, I find myself drawing that.  
Haptic: Judith Goldman, reading at Canessa Park Gallery, San Francisco. 9.20.2008

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