Monday, June 1, 2015

Truck June 2015: Two Poems by Lance Phillips

from Eumenides

Reek boys carry when confined

These dark cherries with utter confidence 

Slugs clot beneath chives

You have to show me

Finger one moves made scalable by arousal 

Made home

A visible fist of birds


Scythed in motion against her buttock with palm 

Scythed in as phrasal intensity

A measure the skin has in detection, once blushed

Sings along knee, ligature, at footfall 

A taste for apocalyptics

Fist above nape

His face she grinds into her

Camellia, flesh­colored fist warmed in her hands, punctuates the branches 

The image is loath to self­-doub


Lance Phillips lorem ipsum

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