Monday, June 1, 2015

Truck June 2015: Poem by Andrew Demcak, "Ornithological"


Altruistic light falls everywhere now.
Glassy-eyed before the dusty cases,

our historian indexes his finch,
his altricial crow.  Syntax of labor,

sifting all, the small auditor tagging
the endless shapes of feathers.  Loosening

ideas of flight, like the cloth tails of kites.

Andrew Demcak is an award-winning poet and novelist whose work has been widely published and anthologized both in print and online, and whose books have been featured by the American Library Association, Verse Daily, The Lambda Literary Foundation, the Best American Poetry blog, The Nervous Breakdown, and Poets/Artists. His forthcoming teen GLTBQ science-fiction coming-out novel, A Little Bit Langston, will be published by Harmony Ink Press in 2015. 

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