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Richard Louis Ray: City Poem, December 15th, 2013

City Poem, December 15th, 2013


The city stomps and it chomps
and it asks you:

what do you want to eat,
what does it take to eat you,
what do you make
of the taste
of eating and being eaten?

After all this eating
and shitting
and watching where you step
and waking up God knows where,

what are you, what feel you,
whose load can you
lighten today?

Along the rooftops
and entryways
the aging latticework
and cornices
sag through the cobwebs
of my awareness
and I feel their weight
as though the lives
of the masons
and ironworkers
were falling down
through my shoulders,
pinning my feet
to the earth
where they turn
and lift my gaze up, up—

see what we left
for your enjoyment!


My awareness
where the sense
of ownership


hand to hand

it dissolves

as it should

be wary of shoulds

they come

the heart

the throat.

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