Thursday, May 1, 2014

Call for Works

"There are thoughts we can only have while walking...our minds are motion-sensitive and they are site-specific. We think, shaped by the places through which we are moving, and the ways in which we are moving through them."
--Robert MacFarlane

CALL FOR WORKS: for the month of May I will be guest-editing TRUCK by leaving the keys at home and the vehicle parked by the side of the road. Taking to foot (to truck, to convey, exchange or guide), I am looking for:

1) Walking-based works from walking artists, psychogeographers, poets, photographers, scribblers, and sound artists.

2) Texts actually written or composed while walking, scrawled in longhand in a moleskin notebook or thumbed into a smartphone.

3) Found poetry from signage or graffiti witnessed in the landscape, remembrances of scents carried by the breeze, or reflections on the ever-changing soundscape encountered on the walk (what Steven Feld refers to as Acoustemology, knowing the world through sound).

4) Essays, manifestos, conversations, or reflections on the landscape, the walking experience, constrained walks, mapping, field recording, soundwalks or other interventions.

5) Responses (exquisite corpse, remix, starting point, negation, sampling) to the following prompt:

    We buy ugly houses. A nun in a rusty
    Cadillac blows past a stop sign. Sunday

    morning in the Richmond. My window
    is a watercolor, the ringing of blue bells. *

Work accepted for the month of May may be published under a Creative Commons license so that others can sample the work and feed the results back into the conversation.

Send text in the body of the e-mail, along with links to photographs, field recordings, or video clips to glenncbach at gmail dot com.

*Prompt includes texts sampled from Glenn Bach, Helen Frosi, John Kannenberg, and Marc Weidenbaum

photograph by John Kannenberg


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