Friday, May 30, 2014

Galanis-Calderaro: Collaboration

Our collaboration began in Puerto Rico in July 2013
when we met at the Walking Seminar. Two days into it —— out of a 3-week long walk in the island
—— we decided to write a series of haikus together yet alone, as individual, then combined, responses to the landscapes we were walking in. We gave each other the task of writing either the first and third lines, or the second line, in sets of twelve, without sharing the results with each other; then reversed the distribution of task, up to 72 sets total. The last day in San Juan we sat down and finally shared the lines worked in this sort of blindness, combining them into final haikus. 

Part I is a selection of those first haikus created while walking in synchronicity.

Part II is a selection of haikus utilizing the same process once we were separate in different places after the Puerto Rican seminar. It is a remote collaboration that reflects the distance and the time lapses experienced a few months into separate realities. 


some nights, i recall
leaves will keep their energy
death - we were once friends
taken from behind
a foreign tongue tastes like sex
capital, debt, law
We swam, we swam - then
aviones en el cielo
the phone stopped ringing
And then came the drought
walk slowly yet go, endless
the Jews of Madrid
careful, it might die
generosidad verde
books are funerals
give me more music
his orgasm was her Why
for my bones to hear


brain body skin flow

a dog curled up on the road 
mareao adrift floats

amor residual

fish explode like shooting stars 
amor sin red, sin 

VII path with no return 
water - all my relations 
sadness of the word

sleep naked, my love

at the airport, remove shoes 
no need for trophies 

thunder - lights go out 
fuck hernan cortes

evidence the odd

us, at night, swimming, laughing 
post humanizar 

Bibi Calderaro
Christos Galanis

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