Thursday, May 9, 2013


TO SING THROUGH STONE: work in progress

2    Ah Sing & Tiriata:

The executive residence is reserved for God.
    It is not a place we will stay
Being Chinese, being Maori. Look back,
    Dark, dark ahead – except for fire.
Why go sightseeing in the mountains now?
        The priest saw us

Fall, we fell before birth. God was inside
    ‘An house not made with hands’, waiting
For us to land on our feet, to find Him
    Out. It is too mysterious
For common sense and we are commoners
        Sensing absence.

Everybody knows better than we do
    What’s best for us. One two three we
Multiply, divide the One who thought us
    Through. Our ancestors set their traps
For birds. When asked what they wanted the most
        It was to fly. 

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