Friday, May 17, 2013


of time overflowing out

rushes left as they are
would gradually wither away
and die.

reconstructing it
little by little
cinema-verite completely turned away from its deepest nature

the shots back the power they had in the rushes in the end-to-end;
some shots

didn't get back the strength
they had
in the rushes

I've always noticed
this wasting away of strength
with regard to the rushes.

the oppositions of material
are just.
I couldn't do any more

independent of my will,
like the atmosphere
or unplanned noise

certain things existed
not what you would like to have said
but what the film itself said,

seeking the affinities
which come to exist
exist completely on their own

everything they may have thought
or said
or done

at that time
no longer has any importance
the only thing that counts

is what remains,
and what remains is a crystallization of it
I can spend days

and days
with them
before I start

without touching a thing,
letting the film sleep
spaces of time,

oppositions of decors

must say it,
not me
a complete failure

in the end-to-end

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