Sunday, April 7, 2013



He starts things he stops
things he starts things
No one notices which is which
until another unexplained
Something or not something then
something again and so forth
We relate especially or not at all
and people talk whatever real or non- it is
Enough so that the other day I fell
into that same and clouds for a lamentably (tabled)
Long time filled the inner car (the cab)
the inner ear that I was captaining
Though capless and per capita I kept on
seeing feeling being prepared to talk about
The continuity that came through to me
perfectly obvious in evidence as such
Without inquiring minds though very little
makes its way into the sacristy so one
Holds these figurative springs and just awaits
another light gone yellow on its way to red

Cirque de salsa
fractures clean lived
The senator
from the great state
of [your hood here] refrains.
I'm going to Shipshewana
whether you . . .
I've weathered you too long.
Smidges of distributed p-
rose action poses for
oblique, uncertain photographers.
My son was in the middle
of the fray. He took dication
faithfully. My husband, on the other hand . . .
Restraint fills the mirror right
where the endowment used to be.
Ride this rig. You dig?
Parity makes two of us
appear deliberatly
This red velvet
cake I made (for you)
reveals so much of me.
A retail rhyme's identical
to a conforming loan, except
for the betwitching integers of the latter.
Nat Adderly Jr. makes
your auditory channels
inconspiculously less vague.
If you had your head on straight,
you'd write something on Yelp
about frugality that you gave up for Lent.

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