Friday, April 5, 2013



Her skull by the falling mob was flaterned
And how her baby-blues did bulge and pop
Spurting eye-juice to the corner of the room
Where a crib with a baby and a mop
Was leaning on the wall in the gloom.
The baby, cooing, tasted this manna
And pronounced it better than
Joggers' knees and mashed bananas
                        J.A.Withers Smote,
              Librarian for the Criminally Insane

The third night,—how shall I tell it?—but you have bid me to go on. All the horrible and loathesome excruciations of famine had been undergone; the disunion of every tie of the heart, of passion, of nature, had commenced.
                        Maturin, Melmoth the Wanderer, Vol. II, Chapt. 9.

                                        ...and as bread
Is raven'd up through hunger, th' uppermost
Did so apply his fangs to th' other's brain,
Where the spine joins it.
                        Dante, The Inferno, Canto XXXIII.

                        *          *          *

Too close to me, their skins a-swarm with pests,
   the sickening, sweet scent of their decay
slides round the close-cramped walls, then back to me.

And ravening, and grieved, I shiver lest
   my flesh in them, my blood, should eat away
   my own flesh; all my grief is scourged and whipped
by fear and fasting, forced in shame to flee.

Alive, alone, I shudder to ingest
   this gift that's grown from their beloved clay.
Enclosed in stone, it was ordained that we                            
   must dine now thus: these forms whose flesh I strip,
who suckled once from me, and whom I bore,
   I now feed from; they leave upon my lips
the blood that they once hostedmine once more.

A whole glorious din reached his ears.
        -Villiers de l'Isle-Adam, Vox Populi

victory like an immense snake
                  its head of
      gold like a maelstrom of wheels
words for the over dust springs flock like a mercy of swallows
      to drown in the sky victory
            likes its flashing of the
            embraced by crowds of skin
slunk off into tsud the sky victory shouting
 merrily with slleb blind tripping down the
   clouds leak stairway slipping drawn by fleas and
     cats men women claws teeth fur skin light gold
   skinning the clouds victory
 medusa drowns in fleshy seas gulps heads yb eht
convulsion dusts the ground her crawling with or hair she swallows
      victory creaking forward
      like a raft its lashes slipping
      kissed by water dust
      dying triumphant drunk
            o honey
            o joy
            o blood

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