Monday, April 8, 2013


Espejo de la Carpeta

C hop the h am wr ist off the
g ate  )whirrring like the
moon your buttered leg your
bubbled cloud reef lection
- dink gaze - )that cab
b age steaming in the s ink
.towels and legs a mou
th nor th cou ghing
ch op c hop chee
p or ea  )where my
nickel streams  )your
fan burning on the
r  ô  õ  f  ~  )my
blistered gland ptomaine
my  )fast eners ,fasteners
g raze(  (   (    (     (      ( mantequilla de tu frente.
- Franc Aristide de Cabeza de Vaca


the jolt the
bisturí the
blazent chumping
ack acá y y fon
ética del olvido
sh ape yr ,p
ile knobby mi
embro whirling
“in the afternoon”
aim yr stinking
bluster it’s a
bruma ,bleep fog
,outer nap  )ton
gue tong ue ,c
haw ˄˄˄˄˄˄˄˄˄˄˄˄˄˄
...ta crypte dans la boue...
- Charles Baudelaire


yr shaded barbiturate yr
hair and lip yr focal
sublimation wings across the
barking spot yr faucet
in my time or inhalation it’s
what yr feet drizzle
or a big floppy shoe
.shake my stained pill
owcase ,full the one of
orange “cheesepuffs” or
the lake was sneezing sti
cky dice dangling from a
Tree  .so I slept my ,s
aw your sugar and your
folded hairdo
- Leopoldo Lugones

Cathode Mask

the scale’s skin the
gravel throat falls a
way driving toward the
barbiturate ,glasses
empty gazing ay
your “hair” ,or
gasms in the sm
oky crevice where
your written pills
flood the mattress

the blank the jerk the
book cloud ::::: the archaic sifting...
- Ivan Argüelles,
“pornography” & “blank”

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