Thursday, April 4, 2013


Bnoxley-Hapniss Variations


damaged and pota rath eyes
commonly silent bread
rhizomes breeze these minch
edible able sparse passage
raw fever legumr flowers
authors flows folded along
september to july grape
pinnate ttangles protein
starchthrive climb-fragile
damaged commonly rhizomes
edible raw authors september
pinnate and silent breezable
fever flows to triangles
potatobread sparse legumes


september to authors flows folded 
raw fever legumr flowers da maged 
commonly rhiz omes along pinnatte 
ttangles protein edible able spar

se passageedible raw authors sept
ember rhizomes breeze these minch
pinnate and silent lint breezable
july grape starchthrive climb-fra

gile commonly silent b readf ever 
flows to triangles damaged and po
ta portal potato rath eyes potato
bread sparse legumes clusters lat

latex knobs sweetbeanradiopigpeas
spoonleather hapniss boilingbread


raw fever legumr flowers spoonleather hapniss boilingbread
se passageediauthors flows folded alongble raw authors sept
ember rhizomseptember to july grapees breeze these minch
raw fever legcommonly silent breadumr flowers da maged 
pinnate and spinnate ttangles proteinilent lint breezable
july grape sta rchthrive climb-fralatex knobs sweetbeanradiopigpeas
ttangles proteedible able sparse passagein edible able spar
starchthrive climb-fragile potatobread sparse legumes

gile commonldamaged commonly rhizomesy silent b readf ever 
flows to trianedible raw authors septembergles damaged and po
september to damaged and pota rath eyesauthors flows folded 
commonly rhrhizomes breeze these minchiz omes along pinnatte 
ta portal potapinnate and silent breezableto rath eyes potato
bread sparse lfever flows to trianglesegumes clusters lat


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