Wednesday, April 10, 2013


not this

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sliced will along the worb-pulse,
first corrosion
to a broadaxe doubting
thomas nevada. allergic
cutthroat oligarch
cornbread impaction mulch. fu/b
antikine in which kinetic
forceps pottery, concentric
parsnip spoonruler trebuchet,
nor halogen mustardseed
duke of wanda instantiates
talmudic aspirin. aspirin
gelatin mitochrondria, soy
sauce island tea, caged vatican
parmesan resimiliarized
gibbous dollop holstein dirk.
spoonsun bonnet bricklight.
epidermal samovar mosquito. polite.
donate rekerneled composite
santacular parafin demitigate
undirigible. verity serial
purveyor of resemi-japan zengluten.


not that

naked produme swoop. swarm
camera tubular catfish.
the adding machime.
the sriting depict.
sorting the broomfeathers
flim. sparsely flimic. it
swoop the worm recurring.


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