Monday, April 8, 2013



house        green              sky
the given                        ending
at once             behind
where grow                gooseberries
or         up the steps
to the attic           that cubby hole
remembered this time           dust
dark             night prayers
before I wake                soul
             s u d d e n l y
highway          heat            revolving
clouds in and           out      her
mouth                  the ancient      red
hair          window         plural
formations           mute
distances             more than
we did            ever           counting
grass            blade by stupendous
blade            dew             sounds
small         ringing             door
becomes               white other
side           legend           tide
moon                    hand dipping
water         ink               again
red      remote             likenesses
to statues          pools          mossy
nouns               dissolving      
memory             letters    face
whispers            glass        mist
fade                    fade    without
anything          recognize        a
sunsets           gold          spain
will                 you             be
come       threatened       depth
wavers before              con-
fronting              myth        circular
space              revolving      stair
watching just            scared
won’t come               home
happening             darker      bird
still              song            shadow
wordlessly                    matters
until                what      taken
here                  shhh
lie          there           motion
unending              stars
look               look again
harvest                     underground
small                gods    
spool             unwinding
left                         nothing
                              s p a c e

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