Saturday, October 15, 2011

Untitled, by Dwain Kitchel

When the next guy gets this house
He will say to himself (forever saying to ourselves)
What the fuck was this guy thinking!
Hey buddy i worked very hard at
Letting this backyard go, so that
The mice and birds and squirrels
In this hood of a place, could have
A safe home.See those piles of uncut wood?
A storm came through years back.
Took down trees all over this neighborhood
Me and the mice and our wood stove
Needed them, so we all got in my truck
and drove the alleys in search of safety.
Frogs need places like this to survive
and by cracky welcome to it
If the Class warfare riots don't burn
it all down...and some guy still gets it.
See that cherry tree? The one with
the guy wires holding it off the power
lines? No place is as safe as this backyard.

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