Thursday, October 6, 2011

Two Poems by Joseph Somoza

Love Poem

Suddenly, in the early
morning, from behind
the neighbor’s pomegranate,
three yellow finches and
a hummingbird!
So sudden, that the word
occurred to me, a word
I generally
avoid, considering it
overly dramatic.

The considered
or the sudden, which
is more trustworthy?
To pounce
on you lying
naked on the bed,
or to be considerate,
pull the sheet up
over you,
and let you sleep?


The morning was so overcast
we over-stayed in bed, turned
on the radio, listened
to names of the dead, and
we were alive, made love.
After breakfast, I found
“The Abu-Ata Concert,” classical
vocals and instrumentals
from Iran, and played this deeply
melancholic music so eerily
The sun is trying
to break through. 
The scattered mulberry leaves
give the sandy yard a touch
of color.
Sunday.  We’ll go
this breezy September day
with a cup of rich, dark coffee.


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