Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"Demise" by James Cervantes

Tricia says, "Come see the absolutely

delicious harbinger exiting

from my mouth." "It's probably

from the pudding," says Mom,

"Come do your homework,

then you might go to the prom."

Daughter starts scribbling,

dark scowl across her brow,

slaughter in her mind. The bowl,

an ark, with a white prow

beached at her nostrils. Lost

lunch break. What sweet Louis

offers, she takes. With luck, that

bunch beneath the fire escape!

James Cervantes was the editor of The Salt River Review for thirteen years. His latest book, Temporary Meaning, is available from Hamilton Stone Editions. Other books include The Headlong Future, The Year Is Approaching Snow, and Changing The Subject, a dialogue in poems with Halvard Johnson. Beginning with its July issue, he will be editing poetry for Sol, an online literary magazine out of San Miguel de Allende

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