Friday, June 13, 2014

Wayne Frank:


          Remembering Old Mac

Old Mac used to come into my Uncle’s
tavern on Sundays when I tended bar
He’d get to the bar before noon for a
free Sunday Morning drink. After three
wines, invariably Old Mac would start
to reminisce about the great adventure
he had in Copenhagen, getting laid in
Copenhagen at age 62. Of course getting
laid in Copenhagen wasn’t free; that’s
not the point. But now, Old Mac is long
dead and I’m long past 62 

( W. Frank is a produced playwright and published poet.
His 2nd play was nominated “Best Play” by the American
Theatre Critics Assoc and his 3rd play was the adaptation of
The Sun Also Rises, the only adaptation ever approved by the
Hemingway Foundation. As a poet, he has had over 30 poems
published in the U.S., Scotland and England. A Milwaukee
resident, he currently winters in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.) 

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