Monday, June 2, 2014

May 25 ritual
                         Alison Minet

Standing in the shower crying over you

Saying the words 

I free you, love. I free you

Living as a ghost in my heart

These almost forty years

Chained to me by promises

It's about time you

had the chance of freedom

It's time you 

had a new life

Or eternal rest 

At your choice.

Love, I free  you. Love I free you

Walking in moonlight

Next to moonlight 

Moonlight reflected in ocean

Saying the words 

Lover's final ritual

I free you, love, I free you.

Driving down the Pacific Ocean

Saying the words

34 years slide beachward

Mixing with memories

Where  we were together

Big Sur 

Boston Common

Huntington Beach

Martha's Vineyard

Walking with each other

And disappearing into fog

You showed me love

Love unbound by time

I free you love I free you

Standing on the dunes in Marina

Saying the words 

Crying with pride At my daughter's graduation

(she could have been ours)

Singing with our granddaughter in my arms

In our son's house

Places you never were

Places I feel your love

Invisible arms around me

Saying the words

I free you love I free you
From every twist of my nerves

From the secrets in my mind

From every hallow in my heart

From the dreams and heartbreak

I free you, love, I free you

 This is not banishment

You are not required to go

I have not stopped

Loving you

 But I had locked you in

From any new turn of your wheel

Bound you to me 

With chains of longing

And so for love

Out of love

I say the words 

And free you


I free you.

 C 2013 Alison Minet

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