Friday, August 17, 2012

watercolour, by Marilyn Irwin

the lines kept you
drawn in

hanging segments
saturated coasts

bled watercolour
words coat words

fume fusion
suppress indigo

memory plasters
precise fingerprints

mere measurement
of space) (between) (space

the emptiness
that accompanies

fresh canvas

Marilyn Irwin partook in two of Ottawa poet rob mclennan’s poetry workshops in 2010, and graduated from Algonquin College’s Creative Writing Certificate Program this Spring. She self-published her first chapbook for when you pick daisies (2010) which was immediately re-issued by above/ground press. Extrapolated fragments of Marilyn’s musings can be found in issues of Bywords, Bywords Quarterly Journal, ottawater and Peter F. Yacht Club. This poem is from her second chapbook, flicker (above/ground press, 2012).

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