Sunday, August 5, 2012

Death Valley excerpt, by Jake Kennedy and kevin mcpherson eckhoff

She was a girl who knew how to be happy even when she wasn’t. No littering garbage ground. Inspired. It’s the Goose’s 1st birthday! Cactus spines were imbedded in the banana peel. All we are is light and love where love is fear is not were fear is light and love is diceased. Feed the light and love the all, and fear is all you shall see fall. Dr. Ugs dreamtree provides. She gasped: “Dear god, put that monster down!” Help. Stop. Be not what you are, if so, the innocence of men will rape you. What innocence? Web-weaving hunting for spiders. It was than that the tribe decided to part ways, one half taking the trail up the mountainside, the other half setting up camp in order to cook the tourists who had strayed off from the Amazon boat tour. Katherine, thought the girl. That was her name. All else she could remember was a flash of light. A quick wiff of shampoo, faraway laughter and then... silence. The flashback ended. Katherine sat up in bed, her eyes flashed open, her head beaded with sweat. Endless limitless energy and joy! Four. A novel concept... a community collection. Guayaquil de mis amores, como extraño tu bahia, malecon de las peñas, y sobre todo tu gente! Drop my name. It will be worth it. Connor dashes through the dense undergrowth, trying to lose the Attopolas, half human, buglike animals that prey solely on marrow, human marrow to be precise. Oproximately one year earlier, Connor had been just another average 14 yr old kid, patiently waiting for his 15th birthday, hoping for maybe a new dirt bike. That was before Adriaen came. The “i” Chrysanthemums. There were staples in his skull and he needed someone to fix his auto. Okanagan is a state of mind... A sunny place in your heart that shant be hard to find... Richard Brautigan became his mailbox so that he could ride again in this book. Leonard contributed the horse. In one of his parisian underground moments, he named it BX. The Queen contributed the stamp. You added the you. What an insan inter intrigu inform book! Whatever happens next! it could only get worse or maybe get better but i would be happy either way. Bring it on. Civilization is currently collapsing because it is based on non-renewable resources. And dwindling renewable resources. the current global resource wars are going to escalate. the only sustainable way of living is with the earth. When there is no longer food in the grocery stores, cities will burn. Many are unable to feed themselves. They’re addicted to civilization. We must take true action by any means necessary. For the future of all life to inherit this earth. He drew his sword and said “you suck.” Perfect Harmony. A rattling hiss disturbed his calm dreams. He blinked drearily, but froze when he realized what peril he was in. Not one, but four humongous rattlesnakes were slithering up out of the dens, more quiet and deadly than a heatwave in he desert. He didn’t move an inch, knowing that if he did, the four serpents would sink their fangs into every unprotected piece of skin multiple times all over his body. So, they all overcame self, ego and such; finally made peace within, and rode happily into the sunrise.

Jake Kennedy and kevin mcpherson eckhoff are born every minute! They like collaBOREating on videoetry, noveltry, comedtry, and roadtripoetry! Together, they're editing forthcoming issues of literary magazines known as dandelion and Open Letter! Jake and kevin enjoy art, popcorn, hugs, Tim, music, kindness, whey protein, Eric, uncertainty, Denny's, laughing, and, occasionally, pretend violence. They both teach in BC at Okanagan College and they believe in the power of positive absurding. Maybe library checkout their latest toileterature: Apollinaire's Talkings to the Soldier-Doctor (BookThug) and sleasy pleasy (Snare Books).

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