Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Karl Young: an opening from Cried and Measured (1975-1977) 

"Part of ‘Bringing the Text Back Home’ (1975-2011). Designed as a book, the sequence of pages create rhythms not completely apparent here. Based in fragmentary first examples of Judaic and Roman alphabets, Bringing the Text Back Home explores rhythmic patterns from early literacy to new possibilities in cyberspace. Perhaps the sonata they enter here in conjunction with other work will suggest intersecting.
    Since Cried and Measured was conceived as a Holocaust memorial, it seems instructive that the first scraps of personal writing we have include notes on a pogrom in an exile community. An essential component of the work is the recurrence of lists of names in the fragments, which can be identified here by the use of the patronymic ‘bar’ in passages on these pages. Contemporary readers could see these names as 2500 year old versions of minimalist poems written today. In a work conceived as a book, individual page openings act something like chapters. The complete work, with notes, and extensions can be found at"
 /Karl Young/

K. S. Ernst: Calling Fire (2006)

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Sheila Murphy: untitled (2013)  

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Seekers of Lice: from Encyclops (2013)

Encyclops is coming out soon in book form.

Marko Niemi: Hydrogen Poetics (2008)

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