Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Freke Räihä

Page four – from Explanation model for 'Virus'.

11:59 - the image of a symbolism around The dynamic sounds around me drowns out everything else. the phthalate-sheath [ to kill off undesirables ] that is not A secondary condition. applicable; is not. This leads to increased suffering and increased costs against and towards:

There is no way to return, towards:

From the centre, rings, circles along the surface, as like on a stone considering a reflection of a reflection – your back – what which you get your you from. The only possibility is to simultaneously view all images. There is at the same time the image and in the sense image and its input and influence. As the bringing of fire without a match, without phosgene in the lungs – which expands towards:

The reading; towards:

Wanting [ is what ] The corruption in the constant presence, in that all senses are up and running, in that every instant is a new instant, in that everything old is swept as a sequence of impending sleep. The now is what stands between; to out between, that in the extinction towards:

To throw oneself in front of, to allow oneself, [ The silence is there because no one can still me. ] towards:

The applications that lay foundation to the theoretical bases for all automation, the codes in it and its implementation is subject to and the concatenation of them – it constructs its own premise – it is everything there; towards:

[ Kohelet and/or Ecclesiastes 9:5 ] For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing, and they have no more reward, for their remembrance is forgotten. [ 9:6 ] Also their love, as well as their hate, as well as their provocation has already been lost, and they have no more share forever in all that is done under the sun. And towards:

Sequential comparison; (this artwork should not be framed) the very thought of it renews my fears – which I have not read but dreamt, which I as epicentric, towards:

In search for that [ centre ] which in the hand rests. As the city's scented gardens watered by rivers; aspiring “in the doctrine of being and the tools needed to describe this reality in a credible and simultaneously sealed end” without impairment, as relief, a place that is performing Let them both grow together until harvest. whose motives towards:

Concordance; as also a l l e v i a t i o n equivalence – to lower oneself in a solution. To drown in curatives and its r e p r e s s i v e processes; to commit it, to take one's in and towards:

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