Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chris Girard: Shadow Shadows Tomb

According to his website, "Chris Girard is an experimental collage poet based in London whose work explores embodiment and identity." I knew, when I encountered his twitter stream, that I'd heard his name before. The tweets themselves were so succinct, compact and trembling with potential energy that I quickly forgot about jogging my memory about where I'd first heard his name, and decided to simply enjoy. Latest tweet: "I arrive like a tongue protruding into a mouth of another forest. I hear it now, stepping on branches, putting a coin into the head's mouth."

Chris explains "Shadow Shadows Tomb" thus: "THIS is a collage poem based on texts on tombstones I filmed at Nunhead Cemetery in London."

Shadow Shadows Tomb

Shadow shadow
shadows shadows
tomb side
flies leaf

Sacred shadow shadow
beard sleep surface shadow
acre leaves
room tomb

Resteth pity
gracious web

Walk leaves
wing the above lane
look red

years roll
remain true friend
ship bell
precious martyr
hear rose
shadow twigs
plants pillars

The taken life of hosts

tomb pillars

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