Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tregurnow Cliff, Lamorna

red mesh fence
                                      big hole

granite falls into itself

sea under
 sings Boom!

St Ives, looking down from Barnoon

rooves                           angle

at sea's bound   a gull scatter

dry boats below quays

near St Erth

old fox by a hedge

coke can hung on a twig end

hub cap in ivy

West Penwith
old road straight ahead
trees gather in unused fields
cross-looking buzzard

Gulval house landscape
wasp in the curtains
fish moving in dark pond silt
oak leaves quite brittle

near Quarry Hill
old pond            grasses     CAT
GREEN IDEA hops frantically
pursuit without name

by Trendrine Hill

gate smashed
in rust;

under bracken,
wood flowers;

wind song;
water howl

west of Trewallard
buried in air
voice calloused
hope out of range

confined alert
stone depth deadening
beneath our feet

bad acoustic
and abandoned
manned machine

to be is to work
brain's the engine
housing echoes

the skull is deaf
connects the neck
bone. execute.

loops the highway
with emptiness

a noose choking
the nous with clattering

buried in air, just the head knows aether

Water’s edge
Gravity and water contend quietly

A boat offshore has no constant shape,
swaying on the world’s breath, exo-
skeletal, chesty.
                             The tide’s incoming
It turned now
                             far calling
its return out of depth

and on earth there was silence for the space of about half an hour


land made manscape

randomised topology

pressuring to shrug out from
under man
                made landscape

at Lelant Saltings
at this point, for now,
inherently inter-tidal
on a gantry      over saltings
                     and behind,      few works really grounded
a causeway,
a motorway on stilts,
a railway, the same,
unstopping cars
and few pedestrians
all rush

one sees the fallacy of land…

which is afloat   if   imperceptibly

the flood

transforms that which it releases
realises that which it retakes

assurance of inconstancy
       every false an equalising         and apposite motion
there being no here
and here being's beings' fantasy
                                                                   and basis
                             one leaves                   to walk on
moving surfaces
                   surfaces of movement
                             a sedimentary persistence
                   coming together           of particles
          and waves                    gathering the sediments
                   the gravity of situation
                             before they harden
                                                hence the hard clear eyes
                                      of fish and birds


Lawrence Upton. UK-born artist poet, currently based Greater London.  Poet, editor, curator. Works in a range of media in the intermedia between poetry, music and graphic art.

Main publications in print:-
unframed pictures, Writers Forum, UK, 2011
Pictures, Cartoon Strips, Sound & Language, USA, 2011
a song and a film, Veer Publications, UK, 2009
Water lines and other poems, Chalk Editions, USA, 2009 [e-book]
Snapshots and video, Writers Forum, UK, 2009
Scat Songs on a text by Chris Funkhouser, Xexoxial Editions, USA, 2008
Wire Sculptures, Reality Street Editions, UK, 2000
Word Score Utterance Choreography in verbal and visual poetry, (co-editor) Writers Forum, UK, 1998 with Bob Cobbing

Books-in-progress and unpublished books: Memory Fictions, Elidius on Ennor, Landscapes, Guise, Next door and Portraits
Recent / forthcoming performances and / or collaborations with John Levack Drever, Benedict Taylor, Tina Bass, Wilton Azevedo, Guy Begbie
Has exhibited, solo and collabratively during last year at James Taylor Gallery, London; ICA, London; e-poetry 2011, Buffalo, USA; Visual Research Centre, Dundee; Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh; Moray Art Centre, Moray; UWE Special Collections, Bristol & shortly shows at Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh and UBGallery, Buffalo.

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