Friday, April 15, 2011

Emily Beall

from phonebook


First automated, then variant. Patented an undertaker: rumor has it to have destination. And to have without intervention. But no, an undertaker in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. A rumor has it diverting, to have from without his business an undertaker. Rumored diversion from an undertaker. Want some way, routed clear to a destination. To undertake. But no, routed to an operator intervention.

Invention changed throughout; conceptually, the same. Rotating selectors choose a level. Pulses on a line make a level. A level one of many. Diversions. The number of pulses changed conceptually throughout. To instruct a solenoid, what’s a solenoid, to move this wiper, a wiper’s a selector. A line, a pulse, a level. A level one of many. This is all by mechanical movement, move this wiper, routed clear to a subscriber destination. Mechanical movement like an upward cascade. Rotating change of selection levels.

A level is a digit, an upward cascade. A digit is a number a figure a finger a plug—a grommet and a plug. The tone plant results from additional circuitry. To come back around, to undertake an upward cascade. And again around. Tone plant to provide progress—progress is information: does anyone remember ringback tones? To divert business from the undertaker, maybe a circuit can bounce.

Strowger founded, 1892: Strowger Automatic Telephone Exchange Company. Strowger sold, 1896: patents; and sold, 1898: Strowger Automatic Electric. Strowger died, 1902: brain aneurysm.


No, Dear


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